Welcome to Point St. George Beach!

DSC01376The small hike down to the beach is worth it. The low tide gives many promises to a long vast land of sand, stone, and life. The beach is very flat, or so it seems, when the tide is high. When the tide is low, however, you will see many mountains of rocks. The rocks will take you way out into the ocean, far enough from the norm for a person to feel as if they are in a different land.

DSC01193 DSC01194 

Your success as a beach-goer is determined by time. In the two pictures above, there are sea anemones sun bathing on a rock (which also happens to be their home). If it were not low tide, I would not have been able to share this beautiful picture with you. During low tide, you can truly see the beauty of other living things that are more unknown to us than we ever knew before. The sea shells on the sea anemone body camouflage it to look as if it is part of the sand and part of the rock. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll see hundreds of anemones grouped together.


Point St. George beach is a great place to bring family during the low tide… or anytime! The beach is flat so running and playing is easy. All kids, teenagers, and adults, thoroughly enjoy finding the wildlife in a place as simple as under a rock.

How do I know when it is low tide?

Google knows everything! (Well, usually.) Just search for “tides in *Crescent City, CA*” or any beach city you are in. “Tide forecast” or “tide schedule” would also be good terms to use. To read the tide chart, just read the first column and find the time frame you are going to the beach. The following columns in that row will tell you positive “+” or negative “-” numbers. The lower the number, the lower the tide!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 4.38.00 PM

Link to Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Point+St+George/@41.776778,-124.248975,512m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54d065cfebadb3bd:0xf9bfaaad6649fe46

All photographs taken by me, Arielle deGarcia.


  1. Arielle, great job! This is my first time visiting and reviewing your blog. At first glance, it appears to be about travelling and photography which are two things that I have an affinity for. I can tell that you take pride in where you live, your descriptive language coupled with the images really make your enthusiasm shine through. This also greatly aids in adding a personal feel to your blog which makes your readers/followers feel connected to you. Another plus about including images is that it really allows your users to visualise exactly what you’re talking about while also making it more attractive and appealing. Point St., George Beach looks absolutely breathtaking, I’ll be adding it to my “To-Travel” list. The Google Maps link is a thoughtful touch as well.

    Regarding this posts and your blog overall, I’d suggest making your posts a little longer. I was looking forward to reading more, maybe you can feature two tourist attractions at a time or tell us some more about the featured attraction. There are also a few grammatical errors. Nevertheless, great blog, I especially enjoyed your images and videos!

  2. This is a great post. The photos you provide really begin to capture the essence of Point St. George Beach. I say “begin” because I wish that there was more… you are a good photographer. You can add more and place them in a slide show or gallery at the start or end of the post.
    Also, with the photos you can add captions and other information for each photo in the Media Library. Doing this would help to protect the copyright of your work.
    Your post is very descriptive and makes me want to visit the place. Perhaps you can provide a direct link to the web site and page (opening in a new tab) which gives the tide schedule for Crescent City. The same can be done with the Google map. Making links to external web sites open in new tabs keeps things convenient for the reader. This also keeps your page.open and easily accessible to the reader.

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